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Making a tips for a successful look good impression at first sight is the gateway to generating interest in love the person in front of you. Although this first impression is not entirely decisive, it is very important. If you manage to capture positive attention, the rest will be much easier. Otherwise, a first date with guaranteed ups and triptogether downs awaits you, in which you will still have the opportunity to seduce the person in front of you, showing all your skills.

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First date? 10 tips for a successful look

As Oscar Wilde said “There are not two opportunities to create a first impression”… And it is for this reason that we invite you to take note of the following considerations:

1)  Avoid an exaggerated look: too provocative, ornate, eccentric or forced.

Remember that often “less is more” and that not by wearing more pronounced necklines or very tight clothing, you will gain in power of attraction. Hinting is usually more effective than teaching…

2)  Wear some accessory or garment that characterizes you, showing from the beginning your way of being and seeing the world.

Try to show your essence , whether it is a classic look or a less common look… But remember not to fall into exaggeration or extravagance, as long as you do not move in these terms habitually. A first date is not the ideal day to make risky combinations. It is important to feel comfortable and be yourself.

3)  Accessories yes, but in the right measure. – Tips for A Successful look

An ornate look can distract attention. If you wear very exaggerated eyelashes, for example, it is possible that the person in front of you spends a considerable time thinking about whether or not they will be natural. Most likely, he’ll end up asking you and everything! The same can happen with contact lenses of a color that was far from natural. Avoid the “Christmas tree” effect.

4)  Highlight your strengths. – Tips for A Successful look

We all have them; they can be from the legs to the smile, going through the shoulders, the hands, the eyes… Clothing and makeup play a fundamental role when it comes to enhancing and/or diverting attention from certain areas. If you know your strong points and those that are not so strong, but you don’t know much about how to take advantage of the former and minimize the latter, contact an image consultant. It will be money very well spent.

5)  Colors play a fundamental part when it comes to getting it right, since not all of us favor the same tones. Tips for A Successful look

In addition, depending on the color combinations we choose, we will transmit one sensation or another … For example: pink mixed with a point of red transmits calm, while red in its purest form transmits passion, strength… There are also to keep in mind that there are more suitable colors for the day, while others are for the night; as well as summer colors and winter colors and colors that are in and others that are not.

6)  Decide the degree of formality of your choice based on the context of the appointment.

Knowing how the restaurant is decorated, deciding what to wear depending on whether it is a lunch or dinner, and anticipating the context after the date can help you.

7)  Put on your complete outfit (clothes plus accessories) and ask a friend with good taste for an opinion a few days before the date.

If possible, have more than one option ready. When you can compare it is always easier to get it right.

8)  Remember that smelling good is essential. – Tips for A Successful look

Opt for a fragrance that you like and convey your essence, but avoid emitting a too strong odor as it can be annoying and divert attention. It is better not to smell that our smell is annoying.

9)  Beautician? Yes thanks! – Tips for A Successful look

Pay attention to your haircut, fix your facial hair (eyebrows, mustache, beard, if applicable) and body hair (you never know what can happen…), make-up (if it is the case), skin hydration ( face, neck, neckline, hands, body…).

10)  Do not forget about shoes or underwear. – Tips for A Successful look

The shoes you choose should be in line with the clothes and accessories chosen and according to the environment of the appointment. It is not necessary to go to the premiere but they must be taken care of. If they require socks, make sure they match the color of the pants. With underwear it happens a bit like with footwear: if the pieces are worn, we will transmit an image that is not well cared for and unattractive. Prepare for what may come…

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Taking note of these tips will help you, but remember that the attitude with which you show yourself also has a lot of weight. He tries not to let his nerves translate into a rigid and unnatural countenance. When you leave home, forget about your image and focus on the experience of meeting a like-minded person. And remember that the best thing you can wear is a beautiful smile.

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