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  1. Your profile picture

No matter Lies About Your Profile how beautiful you look in Your profile picture, 75% of men who see it will think it’s not you. Sometimes they’re right, but they’re not always right. Either way, opting for a good quality photo that is not faked and that really represents you would be a great idea if you want to meet a good man. Either way, you will always be judged by your looks first and foremost.

  1. Your personal presentation

Men will always doubt your personal presentation. According to the majority of them, each sentence hides another and they will have fun decoding your personal presentation. To remedy this, try to be very clear and very brief; cultivate mystery, because men are naturally attracted to mysterious women. You will see, the less you put in, the more people will come to you!

  1. Your educational background

Some men will doubt your school career, especially if you are blonde and you are very pretty. It’s sad to say, but most men still think that beautiful girls aren’t very smart. So you have a choice: either you play the game and you will surprise a few in passing in the near future, or you zap those who think so! YourChristianDate

  1. The object of your research

If you say on your profile that you are looking for a friend, there will always be two or three who will think that you are looking to be conquered and therefore, they will insist again and again… At the same time, if you make this kind of comment On a dating site , be prepared to be teased. In any case, they will always doubt the object of your research.

  1. Your hobbies in life

Be careful what you put as information about your hobbies in life, some may misinterpret them. Moreover, if you put “fishing” as your favorite hobby, you will attract a lot of attention, because few women like to go fishing. So be careful what you say about your hobbies, because chances are they won’t come to you because of them!

  1. 10 Things Men Think Are Lies About Your ProfileThe photos you put in public mode

The photos you put in public mode will really be judged, even if they won’t speak directly about them. Generally, either they think you’re showing off or they think it’s a fake and in both cases they will always try to make the connection between what you claim to be and are looking for and the photos you put in public. So be very careful!

  1. Your public posts

Your Profile posts will also be heavily scrutinized and generally men think it’s to get attention or to show off. So expect negative comments because people will only believe half of what you say and of course some men will immediately think what you say is fake, your photos are faked and you want just “attract attention”.

  1. Your Profile Year of  Birth – Lies About Your Profile

Usually, women never reveal their year of birth, so if you reveal yours, don’t be surprised if you’re not believed. Some men will contact you just to make sure you’re telling the truth about your year of birth. Other men will come to you, because according to them, you fit into a kind of ideal… in any case, they will seek to know if you are telling the truth about this! YourChristianDate.Com

  1. Your Profile hometown or country – Lies About Your Profile

Even if you register on a really serious dating site that requires you to mention your country of origin and even geolocates you, there will always be men who will think that you are not telling the truth. They will therefore insist on quickly having proof of what you are saying about your origins. So, if you’ve told the truth, let the sceptics talk!\

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  1. Your special talents – Lies About Your Profile

We all have our special little talents, that’s what makes us unique women, but some men will always think. That what you mention is not the truth. The worst part is that you will never know why some men doubt everything, but the good news is that there are men who easily believe you; they are rare, but they exist!

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