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I think AmoLatina is a scam!

I started chatting with a dating guy. He is really nice and his profile is not fake. His one of the users who does not have that profile which is too good to be true. Only two pictures and 1 video. We…. More

david-paul - September 5, 2019
It's discrimination

The terms and conditions are not fair for everyone. Is only for prostitution are you get banned. It’s discrimination

doiwonh - September 1, 2019 is defiantly a FRAUD site

This site is defiantly a FRAUD site where women just wanna chat up lonely vulnerable guys out of nowhere by passing on flirty messages and chats saying ‘I am currently in your city, maybe we can meet …. More

joycetlau0j - September 1, 2019
That is a scam

I was asked to pay to watch a video it said $2.99 but I got charged $15.99 four times. That is a scam, I had to go to my bank to dispute it. I also think most people here are fake and are from Venezue…. More

minorada92 - September 1, 2019
Be very Aware!

This sites automated payment system ran multiple charges through my bank account for over $10,000.00… when I contacted the sites customer service line their response was “That was your Banks Problem…. More

avia4566bai - August 2, 2019
Just stay away from okcupid

Look to people that brought me back one was brutally honest because I asked her to be Women on these types of applications or sites are pretty shallow and there are only in it for themselves I get the…. More

rob8954rry - August 2, 2019 is a money gouging fraud

This is a money gouging fraud. It says it’s a free dating app. But once you download it they want a 75 dollar subscription fee then another 99 dollars in order to purchase coins to use on the sight fo…. More

fran6547ry - August 2, 2019
Another fraud by Asiacharm

Another fraud, They want only the money from the people. Take care, most of pictures of wonderful ladies are made for professionals. If you want to get the details to contact any woman you have to spe…. More

alex765smith9 - July 13, 2019
Fake profiles on Arabiandate

Fake profiles .someone is behind all this and I wont be surprise if the management is behind it. You never get a second message from women that send you messages to begin the scam.everyone ask for you…. More

ainsleyaikena9 - July 13, 2019
Girls are all fake on charmdate

This site is a big scam the girls are all fake you are not talking to the girl you think you are they get paid to keep you on there, it took a lot of money from and I am trying to get it shout down so…. More

he1239rry - July 10, 2019