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First Meeting, First Discussion: All Subjects are Allowed, Even Politics!

First date: Politics, Far from being only a subject of public life, politics very often interferes in the private sphere. This is a subject that we discuss with family, friends , but also during a date!

It is true that a little subtlety is required when you approach the sensitive subject of political engagement. During a date, we will notably dispense with the traditional: “ And you, then, who did you vote for? “, during an election period. Better to take out the tweezers to approach the thing.

He/she is on the opposite side: don’t jump to conclusions.

The important thing is above all to know what attracts you to her or him in the first place. Try to find out more about his/her passions (the activities he/she practices, for example), before making a somewhat hasty judgment that would result from his/her political orientation. Take the example of Carla Bruni, the former First Lady of France who defined herself a few years ago as “ epidermically leftist” . Today, DilMil she spins the perfect love with Nicolas Sarkozy, right-wing man and leading politician. Like what: ” The heart has its reasons that reason does not know” , as the philosopher Pascal pointed out…

The Debate: A test of how long your relationship will last.

Failing to dodge sensitive political issues is in itself a test of your future married life (if the date materializes). Having opposing opinions does not mean that your relationship is doomed. The length of your story will depend on how you handle the political discussion. If the dialogue drags on in the evening (and it remains good-natured), it’s a good sign!

First date: Politics, A Taboo Subject? | Charm Date ScamLearn to listen to arguments – First date: Politics

We can be surprised to discover facets that we did not know about our own personality by listening to the person we like. No need to have a good match for all political subjects: economy, social issues, internal or external policy, there is something for everyone. And then finally, politics is above all a story of charisma: who tells us that you will not go to the dark side of the force after a few hours of discussion? It’s all the harm we wish you!

Whether we like it or not, social networks are indeed part of our daily lives. Informed geek or “ordinary” user, we all use it, for the worst sometimes, but also and above all, for the best! What if we took advantage of these tools that connect us to flirt with this pretty blonde we met in the evening?

On Facebook :

the “oldest” social network continues to be one of the most popular, by all age groups, from teenagers to their parents. And for good reason, it allows easy communication, and almost without limits (yes, we can talk every day, if we want, to this American we met two years ago during a trip to Greece).

When it comes to flirting, on the other hand, you have to play tricky. Even if it’s still active, don’t bet on poke anymore (too 2010, thank you very much). A little “thumbs up” on your target’s profile photos, statuses or musical tastes is good. But don’t think that’s enough to make her understand that you’re flirting with her. No need, however, to post on his wall the song of Lara Fabian to make him understand DilMil.Co that he/she likes you. Play the seduction in all subtlety through private messages, by exchanging links or photos.

Recently, Facebook offers the possibility of sending ephemeral messages… By activating the functionality, you can be sure that your most shameful messages will have disappeared as soon as the other has read them. Perfect for starting a little more naughty discussions. Otherwise, you can call someone and, thanks to the camera, see them live. It’s free, and it allows connections…

On Snapchat : First date: Politics

here is an application (to be installed on a smartphone, therefore) mainly used and very popular with the youngest. It allows exchanges of messages but especially of photos. The characteristic that seduces? These are programmed to self-destruct! Playful, it is above all a practical way to sext in peace.

On Instagram : First date: Politics

by allowing us to relay bits of our lives or our tastes through photographs, Instagram is a good way to share our interests or things that are important to us. But there again, to flirt, you have to play it tight, and not just distribute hearts under each of your photos ( even if it’s an appetizing dish ). Instead, prefer private messages (thanks to the symbol at the top right: a small box to communicate or share photos/links): an effective and more surprising way (not everyone is aware of this possibility) to establish links . See more…

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On Twitter : First date: Politics

recently, the little Blue Bird of the Web allowed us to show our interest in a status by hearts. This is a cute way to underline your agreement, but not enough to flirt, we hear. Moreover, this network being above all informative, if you choose to flirt there, do it rather with humor, by innuendo, or by means of sharing information (use coded messages like relaying an article ” how to flirt with the coffee machine” if your crush is a colleague). Otherwise, as for the others, prefer private messages.

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