Beginning of A Relationship: When Do I Introduce Him/Her to My Friends?

Beginning of A Relationship: You just met him/her (a few days, a few weeks ago), you told your friends about it, and they are impatient to meet this new person in your life. When to take the leap? How not to force through and play the card of subtlety to introduce the chosen one of your heart?

Prepare the terrain

It is not useless to make affinity associations among your friends (if you have many) to stick as much as possible to the personality of your boyfriend / girlfriend for his first “official outing”. Sport, cinema , literature, gastronomy: all centers of interest are to be taken into account so as not to throw your boyfriend / girlfriend into YourLatinMates.Com the mouth of the wolf.

The trick that kills : present in priority your friends who practice the same profession (or a similar profession) as that of your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Good Moment – Beginning of A Relationship

No rule to speak of to meet your date with your friends at the start of a relationship. Let’s just say that the more natural it will be, the more serene and the easier in the world you will be able to manage a situation which can certainly prove to be thorny. In any case, by making the introductions, you “formalize” and strengthen your relationship. It is better not to rush things by waiting a few weeks or even months before launching, in order to give everyone time to prepare. The ideal is even to talk about your friends beforehand so as not to reserve any unpleasant surprises…

The idea to sting : offer a drink in a café for a relaxed and simple meeting between your couple and your friends. You can even offer to invite other friends over to add to the fun. More the merrier, the merrier !

I Take the Leap? – Beginning of A Relationship

At the very beginning of the relationship, it is not obligatory to introduce your friends to the person who is part of your couple. Nevertheless, from the moment when the requests for a meeting become more insistent on both sides, this means that it is time to present him/her in society. Also, don’t forget that, since your friends are your friends, they will be able to support you and advise you on the progress of your relationship.

In other words, by presenting your friends to your conquest, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your friends will have the necessary distance and the tact to give you their opinion with kindness.

Finally, if you are coming out of a difficult relationship and your friends were attached to your ex (a relationship of connivance operated between them, for example), do not rush YourLatinMates things and wait a little longer to formalize your new relationship. You can give time to time, there is no rush!

The secret to online dating? Knowing how to stand out, stand out, stand out from the crowd. All thanks to a profile like no other. An original profile of which here are the keys.

Beginning of A Relationship: When Do I Introduce Him/Her to My Friends?
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Contrary to what some may think, the name is far from being an unimportant detail. With the photo, it will be the very first element that the Internet user will see. An insipid or badly chosen nickname will not succeed in attracting attention and may be responsible for the early “escape” of a possible suitor. Hence the importance of playing the card of the original, the funny, the quirky, in short, to do “different”. Forget the endless “Jules1982” and other “JB-de-Paris” and try to arouse the reader’s laughter and/or curiosity instead. To your brains!


We can never say it enough: the choice of profile photo is crucial. Whether we like it or not, appearance plays a fundamental role in the encounter, whether virtual or not. Be careful, not putting a photo (under the pretext of wanting to be judged other than by your appearance) would greatly reduce your chances of encounters. But opting for a photo that is too “sexy” or too seductive would not be the solution either. To succeed in arousing curiosity, there is a very simple trick that works: the “who is who?” photo. “. Put a photo of you with your brother/cousin/boyfriend, and they will all wonder which of the two you are… The idea being that you are obviously the more attractive of the two…

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But be careful, having an original nickname and an intriguing photo will be useless if your ad is not intriguing. For a perfect trio, don’t forget to play the originality card all the way. Once again, forget the platitudes and don’t make the mistake of telling your life story. Keep it short, to the point, but funny, spicy, mysterious and quirky. Talk about what really makes you different, opt for catchy and funny turns of phrase. In short, be fresh and enigmatic. If, by reading you, Madam wants to know more about you, you will have taken up the challenge!

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