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When you are in a relationship, or when you start a relationship with someone. Managing the Best Friend is above all a public enemy number 1, a target that you would like to kill. Especially if this (your) friend is of the opposite sex. There is no point in denying it: we have all already stalked/spied on the profile of Camille. The “BFF” ( Best Friend Forever ) of your partner. We know you as if we made you!

Besides, the best friend by definition is one step ahead of you, especially when you start your relationship. So, instead of making it the persona non grata of your couple. Why not integrate it (with limits of course) into your little duo? If you really don’t believe in man-woman friendship, or if his/her best friend is intrusive. It is also possible to play the indifference card, or at least relativism. You too have your best friends on your SharekAlomre side, and that’s fine.

To Be or Not to Be (Friend), That is The Question

To live a healthy relationship for two, it is essential to know. How to live with your friends on your side (that you see during sport , for a movie night or a shopping trip). The sinews of war is to accept childhood friends and best friends without flinching. They will be able to help you prepare for the birthday party, and you will find it difficult to ignore them on your wedding day (in the future which may not be so distant, who knows?) . Don’t forget, however, that there is no law forcing you to become best friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend’s friends. It’s up to you to share things…

Wanting to know your best friends is good – and legitimate too – but wanting them to become your friends is too much. Which doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Better to keep your distance. Why not talk about it together, if one of his friends bothers you, disturbs you or seems harmful to the smooth running of your relationship? If you feel that this friendship is too fusional and cannibalizes your couple. Don’t hesitate to calmly mention it to your other half over a small drink. However, we advise you not to issue ultimatums like: ” It’s your best friend/your best friend or me!” “. By the way, hello!

At a party or in a nightclub, on the street or even at the post office. We have all found ourselves in the situation of wanting to ask a man or woman we like for a phone number. But SharekAlomre.Com it is not as obvious as it seems. The main thing being to lead the discussion towards obtaining the precious sesame.

Relationships: Managing the Best FriendExchange and Not Ask For His Number – Managing the Best Friend

Exit too direct introductions like: “ You give me your 06 ? » which is to be banned automatically. Conversely, after offering a drink or talking for at least fifteen minutes, you can easily offer to exchange your numbers. Making contact is a give-and-take action (a kind of win-win ): it is a mutual sharing of your contact details and not an isolated action on your part. And then if you are shy , you multiply your chances of success by having your number noted with the person you like. The key phrase: “ Are we exchanging our numbers? ». Of course, if the feeling has not passed, there is no point in asking for a number just for form. If the signals are red, do not embark on overly insistent behavior.

The Beeper – Managing the Best Friend

If he/she refuses to give you his/her number, it’s pretty clear: he/she is not the right person for you. The important thing is that you both have the other’s number. Magic of technology, you can (and this is what we recommend) beep your target to enter their call history. For added security, wait for him/her to add you to his/her contacts directory. The advantage of beeping each other face to face is that you can verify the authenticity of the number that has just been given to you. So if the phone doesn’t vibrate or ring, there’s a wolf…

Give a Reason for Exchanging the Number – Managing the Best Friend

“ I would very much like to see you again” , “ We should go to an exhibition/see a film” : so many reasons which legitimize making contact to organize an appointment which could turn out to be promising. You can issue invitations, you have nothing to lose, but rather everything to gain! The little detail that kills: ask the person you are interested in what they would like to do for your first date (if you have information about their tastes and passions, that’s better!). Having a drink at the edge of a park if he/she likes nature, or going to a lively place on the contrary can be a paying choice.

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Finally, don’t wait 3 days to send your first message, for fear of going unnoticed or being forgotten. The right timing: the same evening, or the next day to check in!

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